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My Voyage Around Spray Cover Image

My Voyage Around Spray

OFFICIAL LAUNCH : December 9th 2010
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Release Date : September 2010

The subtitle to My Voyage around Spray with apologies to Captain Joshua Slocum gives an important clue about the book's purpose- it reads A re-discovery of Australia. Does that mean some one called Joshua Slocum discovered Australia? No, not really. more
No ribbons or Medals Cover Image

No Ribbons or Medals

Release Date : 2004

In the middle of World War Two when the enemy was at the gate and Australia's leaders were preparing for an invasion, one of the country's senior security officers was summonsed to appear before a judge in a secret hearing. The security officer was summoned to answer charges of the Australian Army's Commander-in-chief, General Blamey, that the security officer had been seen wearing ribbons and medals he was not entitled to, that he no longer had the confidence of our American allies and he used women of doubtful character for agents. more
White Bird Black Bird Cover

White Bird Black Bird

Release Date : 2008

Warren Pritchard, the hero or anti-hero of White Bird Black Bird, is a young Toronto reporter starting out. He has a drink problem and a strong sense of mission. A curious combination that makes him chose Arctic Canada, to seek a solution to both his issues. Warren makes his choice without knowing much about the north. But he believes the north can be his salvation by giving him a sense of purpose and restoring his self esteem. more
When the Lions are Drinking Cover Image

When the Lions are Drinking

Release Date : late 2010

The lions are the embankment lions along the river Thames in central London. There is an old Thames watermen's expression that says when the lions are drinking; central London, especially the seat of government in Whitehall, is in danger of flooding. more